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Streamline Your Company's Revenue Forecast Process For Only $15,000 $5,000 per month

Streamline revenue forecasting with cutting-edge machine-learning automation


We transform the annual budget and monthly reforecast process and transition to continuous monthly forecasting to eliminate the disruptive annual budget process drama.

With Complete Intelligence’s RevenueFlow™, we harness machine learning and massive data sets to streamline the budgeting process, improve accuracy, and reduce the workload for accounting and finance teams.

Trust RevenueFlow™ for a faster, more accurate revenue budget.

What RevenueFlow™ Can Do For You

RevenueFlow™ augments and accelerates the budgeting process, enabling companies to transition to a continuous budgeting process. Using existing data sets and machine learning, this AI-driven platform provides precise budget forecasting and performance measurement on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. Trust RevenueFlow™ to reduce friction, improve budgeting, and enhance decision-makers’ confidence in the forecast.

Connect Your Databases
Easily integrate your ERP, EPM, or other databases with RevenueFlow™ to streamline revenue budgeting.
Fast Implementation
RevenueFlow™ can be mobilized in a matter of weeks, allowing you to quickly start using our AI-driven forecasts to plan and take action.
Accuracy rates are provided to enhance forecast reliability
Augments and Accelerates Forecasting
Our platform augments and accelerates revenue budget forecasting, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry and reducing the risk of biased forecasts.
Granular Capability
With RevenueFlow™, you can monitor budgeting errors at the business, division, and department levels, giving you greater control and accountability over the budgeting process.
Receive our forecast data in the same format appended to your historical data in csv files for easier analysis.
Efficient Resource Allocation
By augmenting and accelerating the business-as-usual budgeting process, you can use your corporate resources more effectively, allowing your teams to focus on strategic planning and execution.

Augment and accelerate your revenue budgeting process with RevenueFlow™, the AI-driven forecasting platform.