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your forecasting process!

Digitalization, augmentation, and automation of enterprise and financial markets forecasting. 

your forecasting process!

Stop Guessing. Start Planning. Succeed.

Digitalization, augmentation, and automation of enterprise and financial markets forecasting. 

Stop Guessing. Start Planning. Succeed.

Learn what Complete Intelligence products can do for you.

CostFlow™ and BudgetFlow™ give companies visibility into future revenues and expenses to budget for growth, plan purchases and negotiate pricing. AuditFlow™ revolutionizes the data validation process.

CI Markets helps financial managers understand the risks and opportunities associated with the concentration and timing of financial investments.

CI Markets​

CI Markets forecasts without bias covering 1,600+ assets across stocks (in S&P 500, Nasdaq, Nikkei, and FTSE 100), the top 50 US ETFs, currencies, commodities, equity indices and economic variables. 

  • View the forecast of your assets. Review the line chart displaying the forecast of your assets, providing a detailed projection of the future price and trend of each asset in your Complete Intelligence account, and the corresponding percentage of your overall portfolio.
  • Monitor the historical and future market value of your portfolio. Track the actual and projected value of all the assets you own, based on the AI/ML driven monthly forecasts with 12-month horizons and 94.7% market forecast accuracy.
  • View the accuracy and correlation of your assets. We show you the accuracy and correlation of your assets on the CI Markets page. Keeping track of the accuracy and correlation helps you manage your portfolio risk and opportunity better, giving you a clearer picture of your assets’ performance and diversification.


AuditFlow™ revolutionizes the data validation process by using machine learning to audit information across your ERP, EPM, supply chain, sales/CRM. By scanning vast datasets, our platform spots errors, inconsistencies, and anomalies that lead to poor data quality. With AuditFlow™, you can:


CostFlow™ allows supply chain, finance and procurement teams to easily utilize enterprise data and plan pragmatically within the context of your specific supply chain data, the global economy and market prices. With CostFlow™, companies can  better manage, negotiate, and improve product-line profitability, streamline S&OP, and get visibility to future cost changes and volume needs.


BudgetFlow™ accelerates and automates the budget and monthly reforecast process, enabling companies to transition to a continuous budgeting environment. Using existing data sets and machine learning, this AI-driven solution provides precise budget forecasting and performance measurement on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. 

Industries We Service

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Product revenue forecast with >95% accuracy in the private sector

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Detailed continous revenue forecasts with >95% accuracy in the public sector



Improved gold price forecast accuracy by >38% accuracy in the private sector

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Benefit from AI/ML driven monthly forecasts with 12-month horizons. See fully disclosed 1-month and 3-month accuracy for each forecasted asset. See true correlation outputs, not forecast influencing correlation input drivers

Why Choose Complete Intelligence?

Make faster decisions

Business agility has become essential to succeed. Taking weeks or months to make strategic and tactical decisions is no longer viable. Quick and decisive reactions to changes in markets and competition are now vital. The essentials of finance gathering data, closing the books, and building financial plans and reports, can be automated and accelerated to compress cycle times and free Finance from the menial, error-prone work that consumes so much of their efforts. Value will be shown in 30 days or less, start making decisions quickly and realize value with huge ROI.

Make smarter decisions

Executives making quick decisions based on past information and instinct can have disastrous outcomes. As fundamental as speed is to good decision making, good data is just as fundamental. AI/ML gives Complete Intelligence the ability to process all your data and give you the best insights to your business. When the organization has good data, quickly, the organization can collaborate and strategize for better informed decisions.