Complete Intelligence


Streamline Planning and Reduce Costs with AI-Driven Expense Forecasting

Integrated cost and expense budget forecasting and planning.


Empower your team to plan, budget, and negotiate with confidence using CostFlow™.

With a transparent, organized, and accurate planning platform, teams can forecast costs and expenses with ease.

Our AI-powered tool utilizes your organization’s historical purchase data and massive data sets to deliver consistently accurate results, reducing budgeting and procurement forecast errors.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to smarter decision-making with CostFlow™.

What CostFlow™ Can Do For You

CostFlow™ allows finance and procurement teams to easily visualize their data, and plan accordingly all within the context of the global economy. With CostFlow™, companies can better manage, negotiate, and improve product-line profitability. CostFlow™ enables enterprises to utilize their existing data sets to measure performance and accurately assess risk on a frequent basis.

Connect to your Existing Systems
Our tool easily integrates with your ERP, EPM, or other enterprise databases, enabling transparency and making it easier to access all necessary data in one place.
Share Information Quickly
Our platform allows you to quickly share both internal and external information, eliminating the need for multiple platforms and improving communication across teams.
Forecast with Precision
Our tool can forecast at both the general ledger and bill of material (BOM) levels, providing accurate predictions of future costs and expenses.
Visualize your Budget
Our tool provides a visual representation of your budget and budget variances, making it easier to track and adjust as necessary.
Augment and Accelerate Budgeting
Our tool augments and accelerates the budgeting process, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors. You can monitor error at the business, division, and department levels.
Use Resources Effectively
By augmenting and accelerating the business-as-usual budgeting, our tool allows you to use corporate resources more effectively, freeing up time and resources for other important tasks.

Maximize profitability and minimize risk with CostFlow™. Get complete visibility of your budget and product lines to plan better and achieve success faster.