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Users Feedback

This is crazy how well your product works. I went long energy, corn, natural gas and Indian and Philippine stock markets and I’m up in all of them. Never in a million years would have I caught the corn price disparity. I’m just using ETF’s. I’m not smart enough to dabble in futures.

If your model isn’t dynamic and responsive in events like we are experiencing today, then it is not insightful. If it’s not insightful, it’s not influencing and informing decisions. Complete Intelligence provides a different insight compared to how the traditional price and foreign exchange models work.

I think the information is awesome. It is way more than I need as an old retired former trader. But when I was active as Global Macro Strategist for a commodity prop firm, I would have killed for this info.

CI Markets AI forecasts accurately reduce risk and save time.

CI Markets provides highly accurate stocks, commodity, equity, currency, and economics forecasts using advanced AI. One-year forecast horizon with monthly intervals. Reforecast weeklyEach forecast contains a wealth of detailed information including 1-month and 3-month error rates, and correlated assets.


CI uses machine learning algorithms to achieve an average forecast accuracy of 94.7%CI can improve your forecasts and reduce your forecasting risk (error), while saving you time and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

CI Markets is a global economic and market forecasting platform that provides accurate market forecasts for over 1,200 stocks, currency pairs, commodities, market indices, and economics.

CI Markets boasts a market forecast accuracy rate of 94.7%, giving users a reliable and informed view of the market.

CI Markets offers features such as top and bottom correlations, customizable charts, economic data analysis across major countries, top traded commodities, and the ability to anticipate possible changes in market direction for your monitored assets.

CI Markets is perfect for anyone looking to make informed long-term investment and trading decisions. It is suitable for both individual investors and institutional investors.

CI Markets stands out from other forecasting platforms with its market forecast accuracy rate, customizable charts, and economic data analysis features. It also offers heavily traded commodities and a top and bottom correlations feature, making it a comprehensive and useful tool for investors.

You can start using CI Markets by subscribing to our platform through our website. We offer 3 pricing options:

1) prepay for a one-year subscription,

2) pay monthly on an annual subscription, or

3) pay month-to-month with no commitment.

Forecast Assets

Complete Intelligence covers a comprehensive list of stocks, futures, currencies, and market indices in a highly graphical and easy-to-access interface. We provide access to more than 1,200 assets, with historical data from 2010 and forecasts over a one-year horizon. We are continually updating our databases to bring in more assets. If you want to download our Future’s Assets (Updated 05/11/2023), click here. Alternatively, you can see this List of CI Markets Assets


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