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Frequently Asked Questions

CI Markets Subscription Questions

CI Markets is a global economic and market forecasting platform that provides accurate market forecasts for over 1,800 stocks (in S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE 100, BSE SENSEX, Hang Seng, KOSPI, SGX, and Nikkei), the top 100 US ETFs, currency pairs, commodities, market indices, and economics.

CI Markets boasts a market forecast accuracy rate of 94.7%, giving users a reliable and informed view of the market.

CI Markets offers features such as personalized investment portfolios, top and bottom correlations, customizable charts, economic data analysis across major countries, top traded commodities, and the ability to anticipate possible changes in market direction for your monitored assets.

CI Markets is perfect for anyone looking to make informed long-term investment and trading decisions. It is suitable for both individual investors and institutional investors.

CI Markets stands out from other forecasting platforms with its market forecast accuracy rate, customizable charts, and economic data analysis features. It also offers heavily traded commodities and a top and bottom correlations feature, making it a comprehensive and useful tool for investors.

Yes! CI Markets now offers freemium version for those who want to try the AI-powered forecasting app before committing to it. It does not require credit card. Simply register here

CI Markets has 3 different tiers: 

  1. Basic. ($7.95/month). Offers economics, major currencies, and Asian stocks including Nikkei, India BSE Sensex, Singapore SGQ, HK Hang Seng, and Korea KOSPI. 
  2. Plus. ($14.95/month). It has access to everything you find in Basic, plus minor and exotic currencies, UK FTSE 100, US Nasdaq, global market indices, and Futures (currencies, commodities, and equity indices). You can also use portfolio tracking in this subscription.
  3. Premium. ($24.95/month). It has everything the Plus offers, plus access to S&P 500 stocks, and ETFs. 

Go to CI Markets page and click on the pricing button. It will take you to the Pricing page, where you can select the tier you selected. It will direct you to the payment page. Upon payment, you will receive a “success” notification and an email about a successful transaction and instructions on how to access your dashboard. 

All of our data is available through an Internet browser, and our website is optimized for mobile devices.

CI Markets can be used for a wide variety of scenarios and predictive analyses, too many to list on the website. Please contact us and we can find a path forward.

Complete Intelligence is focused on relevant, high-quality forecast data for corporates, governments and small / mid-sized firms. Our data is collected, cleaned, and forecast through a statistically-valid process to help our clients make informed and timely decisions. Our interface is clean, clear and concise. We don’t bog our customers down with unnecessarily confusing interfaces, ill-informed or overly-wordy narratives, or hard-coded forecasts that are manually adjusted so they’re not too far off of the consensus number. We have a real model. We do real forecasts. And we want to help you make better decisions. That’s it.

Custom Forecasting Questions

Yes. Complete Intelligence can provide a specifically designed API to suit your needs—whether through your existing corporate systems or through existing 3rd party platforms and providers. Our goal is to give you a seamless and efficient interface to our platform—which is particularly important for more involved analyses.

Yes! However, these are fee based, so if you would like to ask about custom forecasts, please email us at

Data Questions

Our data comes primarily from publicly available sources: multilateral agencies, national statistical agencies, market and exchange closing data, and industry associations.

We typically reforecast all of our data once a week. This is a complete reforecasting process, wherein we reexamine and reconfigure our algorithms for every data series on a weekly basis to reflect the very small and incremental changes that occur in the world economy and markets each week.

Values are current US dollar values for the month and year reported.

Multilateral organizations may track some nations in ways that may be confusing for users unfamiliar with the individual methodologies. Norway, for example, is tracked by the United Nations as ‘Norway, Svalbard and Jan Mayen’. Switzerland is tracked by the UN as ‘Switzerland, Liechtenstein’. In these cases, we have simplified the names to ‘Norway’ and ‘Switzerland’ and may do so for other countries where no other simplified option is available.

We are a data firm. There is a lot of economic and industry commentary available Bloomberg, CNBC, Reuters, Yahoo, Google, IMF, and World Bank. Complete Intelligence also produces regular market commentary on our Youtube channel and our website.

Of course we do. Just let us know the data series and countries you would like as well as the format you prefer. Contact us at and let us know the name of your organization, how you will use the data, and how we can contact you (no Google, Hotmail or generic email IDs, please).

Redistribution and sublicensing of Complete Intelligence data is not covered by our standard terms of use. If your firm is interested in redistributing or sublicensing our data, please contact our customer service team.

Yes, you can access the data and export it in Excel-friendly CSV format from CI Futures dashboard.

Our commodity prices are based on futures contract pricing. In order to account for all active futures contracts, we calculate a “continuous futures” price, which is generally similar to the way stock splits are handled for equity market calculations.

We use continuous futures to eliminate jumps in price between consecutive futures contracts. To calculate continuous futures, we identify the difference between the back contract settle price and the front contract settle price on each roll date. This difference is added to the back contracts. The entire historical series is not adjusted for the new ratio to avoid distortions of actual historical data.

The correlation listed next to each asset represents the relationship of that particular asset with the economic indicators that we test as outlined in our methodology. It works as an indicator to the certainty of our forecasts. The range varies from -1 to +1. So, +1 is a perfect fit, -1 is a perfect inverse fit and 0 is not a fit. The closer it is to 0, the lower the ability to forecast accurately. Correlation only identifies possible connections between variables; it does not prove or disprove any causal relationships.

Our forecasts are not investment advice. These are statistical forecasts based on the relationships between various items in the global economy. Please see section 11.3 of our Terms of Use.

Yes, we do this for Enterprise clients. Just let us know the data series you would like as well as the format you prefer. Contact your sales person or contact us here and let us know the name of your organization, how you will use the data, and how we can contact you.

We love students. We would be happy to come to blanket subscription agreements with your class or your university, so please contact us.

Our historical numbers and forecast numbers are monthly averages of closing prices. This take the closing price of assets each day of the month and averages them to reach the numbers we post.

CI Markets Subscribers Questions

On the login page, please select ‘Forgot password’ and enter your registered email on the next page. We will send you a reset link via this email.

Please log into your account and contact customer service from the Help button or email us at

We invoice customers in advance on a monthly basis, unless there is an annual subscription, in which case fees are paid at the start of the subscription period.

Please see Section 21 of our Terms of Use regarding termination of your account. Please also refer to section 4.3 of the Payment Terms.

We accept all major credit cards.

We take technical issues seriously and want to address them as quickly as possible. If you have a technical issue, please notify our customer service team right away.

Our tech team does maintenance regularly. Since we have customers in every region (North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia), outages may occasionally occur in your region. We attempt to minimize downtime and attempt to notify our customers about every scheduled system maintenance.

Yes! Please send us an email to with subject line “Asset Request” and tell us what you want to be included.