Complete Intelligence

How does it Work?

The technology behind Complete Intelligence is built on three pillars:

A globally integrated machine learning model

A data-driven process without human intervention in the output

A simple means of interfacing with the platform

Since the world economy is a closed system, global integration ensures that a complete picture can be formed with AI identifying more factors than possible through human analysis. Additionally, by avoiding human intervention in the analyses performed, our process avoids bias, sentiment and emotion that degrade accuracy, and instead rely solely on data to determine outcomes. This allows Complete Intelligence to identify and systematically fix errors. And by keeping interfaces uncluttered, it’s simple for our customers to understand the outlook and impact on their own use cases.

A comprehensive data solution

More than just data collection – Complete Intelligence intelligently collects and refines information. This produces a comprehensive data solution – which is at the heart of our process. Sophisticated acquisition of markets, trade, economic and other data from public sources is performed along with customized integration of each customer’s enterprise data. All source data pass through a multi-layer intelligent analysis, processing and validation procedure This results in robust and verified data populating our growing and expanding global database.

Data quality and intelligent processing

The comprehension, actions and learning performed by AI are only as good as the source data. Poor quality data leads to inaccurate and unreliable results and provides the AI with a warped view of the reality of the environment around it. For high-consequence decisions, this can lead to disastrous results.

Deciding what actions to take based on constantly changing data from the surrounding environment, rather than by selecting from a limited set of pre-defined alternatives, is what sets AI apart from simple machine automation.

A significant part of our process is dedicated to maximizing data quality so we can ensure a robust and reliable dataset. CI Markets looks at ~15 billion datapoints related to economics, global trade and markets – and in amassing this information all source data pass through a multi-layer intelligent processing and validation.

Reliable analysis without human bias

Complete Intelligence uses an intelligent and constantly evolving analytics process with increasing levels of complexity and automation. A key tenet of our platform is to have no human intervention in the analytics process, allowing the AI to function without imposition of bias, emotion or sentiment.

Our methodology includes fundamental statistical analysis and technical machine learning approaches to capture the impacts of millions of relationships, seasonalities, periodicities, and volatilities across countries, industry sectors, economic concepts, currency markets and global price factors.

Trillions of calculations are performed using a combinatorial ensemble approach of various forecasting methodologies, which are then back tested over multiple historical windows to determine the most appropriate methodology for each data item.

We deliver intelligent results for both forecasting and comprehensive strategic analysis. This process incorporates machine learning with evolving algorithms for progressively increasing intelligence. Identification of hidden relationships, correlations and connections is performed, revealing industry and market trends. Complete Intelligence’s AI delivers consistent and reliable results to unlock the power of intelligent decision-making.