Complete Intelligence

How does it work?

The technology behind Complete Intelligence is built on three pillars:

A globally integrated machine learning model

A data-driven process without human intervention in the output

A simple means of interfacing with the platform

In general terms, how does the forecasting process work for RevenueFlow and CostFlow?

Receive historical financial data from an enterprise


  • Data Validation
    • Review for missing data
    • Review for consistency of data
    • Review for duplication of data
    • Check formatting of data
  • Data Repair
    • Crosswalk line items
    • Interpolation of data
    • Elimination of duplicates
    • Correct formatting
  • Segregation of data
    • Forecastable
    • Not forecastable
    • Forecastable after repair


  • Back-test individual algorithms within historical data of individual line item
  • Back-test combinations of individual algorithms within historical data of individual line item
  • Identify best combination of individual algorithms of back-test forecasts
  • Forecast future periods of individual line item based on best combination of individual algorithms identified
  • Repeat the above for each individual line item to be forecasted


  • Test forecast of individual line items for anomalies
    • Outliers
    • Positive and Negative
    • Straight line / Identical slope
  • Run Forecast process again for individual line items identified

Issue Forecast Data

  • Forecast data is appended to historical data (same format and file type)

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