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CI Futures Expands Market Forecasting Platform to Cover All S&P 500 Stocks

Complete Intelligence’s AI-powered platform, CI Futures, now includes all 500 companies in the S&P 500 index, providing unparalleled access to US equities market insights for investors and businesses. With reliable revenue and cost forecasting, companies can make informed investment decisions and improve profitability. Explore CI Futures and other financial planning solutions from Complete Intelligence to gain a competitive edge in the world of business intelligence.

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How AI-based ”nowcasts“ try to parse economic uncertainty

Complete Intelligence is a ML startup based outside Houston, Texas, that specializes in nowcasting for clients in finance, healthcare, natural resources, and more. We spoke with its founder and CEO, Tony Nash, to get a read on how its ML works and how the startup had to adjust its algorithms due to market uncertainty.

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Startups Helping Businesses Understand What Customers Want

Complete Intelligence runs more than 15 billion data points through an AI platform, making trillions of calculations across 1,400 industry sectors. This allows it to provide its customers in industrial manufacturing as well as the oil and gas, chemicals, electronics, food and beverages industries with a fully automated, globally integrated artificial intelligence platform to help purchasing, supply chain planning, and revenue teams make accurate forecasts.

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