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Best Stock Predictions Software for 2024

Maximize your investments in 2024 with CI Markets, the top stock predictions software boasting a 94.7% accuracy rate. From major stocks to exotic currency pairs, CI Markets covers it all. Check out their plans, starting with a free option. Elevate your trading game with CI Markets’ optimized web and mobile interface.

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Stock predictions software gives you insights into which companies to buy or sell. They’re ideal for investors with limited analytical experience or time to actively research the markets. However, not all prediction software yields suitable results, so you’ll need to do your homework.

In this guide, we compare the 8 best stock predictions software for 2024. We consider a wide range of metrics, including prediction accuracy, past performance, insights, trading tools, subscription fees, and supported stock markets.

Best Stock Predictions Software Reviewed

To make an informed decision on the best stock predictions software for your investing goals, read on. We review the 8 providers listed above – covering performance, accuracy, pricing, and other important factors.

5. CI Markets – Stock Price Predictions on Over 1,600 Assets With a Claimed Accuracy Rate of 94.7%

CI Markets is an advanced stock prediction software that forecasts future price valuations. It covers over 1,600 assets from multiple global markets. This includes stock constituents from the S&P 500, NASDAQ, FTSE 100, and Nikkei 225. CI Markets also covers major, minor, and exotic currency pairs, not to mention futures and commodities.

For each supported asset, CI Markets predicts yearly stock price movements based on monthly interval forecasts. It continuously backtests its theories with historical data from 2010 onwards. According to CI Markets, its stock prediction software has a forecast accuracy rate of 94.7%.

There are three pricing plans to choose from. The free plan is restricted to major currencies and Nikkei stocks. For $99 per month, you’ll get full functionality – including access to all supported assets. The monthly subscription fee is reduced to $50 when you purchase an annual plan.

Stock Software Overview DevicesPrice
Price predictions on over 1,600 financial markets, including US and international stocks, forex, commodities, and indices. Monthly interval forecasts enable the software to estimate stock prices over the next 12 months. Claims to have an accuracy rate of 94.7%.Web and mobile browsers.$99 per month. Reduced to $50 per month when purchasing an annual plan. There’s also a free plan but this offers limited features and only tracks major currencies and Nikkei stocks.


  • One-year price predictions based on monthly interval forecasts
  • Covers over 1,600 instruments – including stocks, currencies, and commodities
  • Claims to have a 94.7% accuracy rate
  • Optimized for web and mobile browsers


  • Doesn’t offer desktop software
  • Free plan only covers major currencies and Nikkei stocks

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