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New AI Planning Tool Is a First in FinTech, Modernizes Procure-to-Pay Process

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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Houston-based FinTech firm Complete Intelligence is turning heads in the industry with its new Artificial Intelligence offering. The revolutionary system allows companies to visualize their product lines, analyze their cost centers and forecast changes in costs, all in one platform.


“Based on feedback from our clients, we’ve been astonished to learn that typical industry forecasts have error rates over 20%. This makes it difficult for companies to plan effectively,” said CEO and Founder Tony Nash. “We set out to reduce that error rate and are thrilled to demonstrate that we can dramatically reduce client forecasting risk by 5 – 10x – bringing error from 20-30% down to 2-5%. That can help our clients find millions in cost savings. This platform has created tremendous excitement because the business impact is meaningful and there isn’t another machine learning technology like this in the industry.”


CostFlow offers comprehensive procurement data analysis coupled with cost forecasting, so companies can reduce risk for more intelligent proactive planning. Users can easily identify exactly how costs will change within the supply chain and procurement process. Additionally, the tool can forecast a product substitution to see how a change in supplier or raw material may affect overall cost and performance.


Companies most set to benefit from the new technology are those in the food and beverage, natural resources, technology hardware, consumer goods, and industrial manufacturing sectors.


“It encourages me to see Houston-based Complete Intelligence leading the charge in FinTech innovation. It’s proof that Houston has the talent, expertise and client base to support a thriving tech market,” said Gina Luna, Complete Intelligence Board Member and CEO of Luna Strategies.


CostFlowTM is the first of four planning modules the company has slated for launch between Third Quarter 2019 and Second Quarter 2020.


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Using advanced Artificial Intelligence, Complete Intelligence provides highly accurate cost and revenue forecasts fueled by billions of enterprise and public data points. Its innovative cloud platform gives companies insight into their future, so they can plan for success. Complete Intelligence helps companies to stop guessing, start proactive planning and succeed. Find out more at


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China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What it means to the world, what it means to OSU

Oklahoma State University Global Briefing Series


The Oklahoma State University School of Global Studies and Partnerships, in collaboration with the College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology, presented the first OSU Global Briefing Series event of 2018, titled China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What it means to the world, what it means to OSU, on Tuesday, April 24, at 6 p.m. in Room 108 Wes Watkins Center.

The event included an overview of the Belt and Road Initiative by keynote speaker Tony Nash, the founder and CEO of the data analytics firm Complete Intelligence. Nash also discussed the potential consequences for both the global economy and geopolitics.

Following Nash’s talk, there was a panel discussion with OSU College of Education, Health and Aviation Associate Professor Stephen P. Wanger; School of Civil and Environmental Assistant Professor Joshua Li; and Ph.D. student Tong Wu from the College of Education, Health and Aviation. The panel provided additional depth and context to the project and identify potential areas for OSU collaboration.


US – The Cleanest Dirty Shirt

5 September 2019
Geopolitical tensions around the world appear to be easing, at least for now, following a potential resolution in Hong Kong and possible stimulus measures out of China. For more on that, as well as where the buying opportunities are, we speak to Tony Nash, Chief Economist and CEO of Complete Intelligence.

Hurricane Dorian could hit the US

2 September 2019
As the trade war between the US and China expands, BBC meets some of those impacted by it. Also in the programme, with Argentina in the midst of a currency crisis, the government has imposed sweeping restrictions on how much money people can exchange into foreign currencies.