Complete Intelligence


Using Data to Scale your Business in a Smarter Way with Tony Nash

Tony Nash, CEO and founder of Complete Intelligence, speaks with Austinpreneur about using data to scale your business and talks about what his company does and how it helps businesses do better forecasting. Questions asked during the podcast:


  1. Tell us about yourself and your company.
  2. Can you contextualize and give examples of how your products and services help procurement folks?
  3. How did you come up with this business idea?
  4. Why did you decide to move from Singapore to Texas?
  5. What do you think caused the skills improvement in the US?
  6. What’s causing high turnover rates?
  7. What’s your take on AI and how does your computer use that?
  8. How are you working to build data privacy and security?
  9. What does the future look in AI and Complete Intelligence?
  10. What are the trends that you are looking at?
  11. Why don’t we have a higher level of transparency in products and processes?

Description from Austinpreneur: Trying to predict the future for any business can be a challenge. Accurate and reliable data is a highly prioritized need for any business in any market. Complete Intelligence was built to provide business with data that is highly accurate and will allow you to build and grow with a glimpse into what the future could be. Tony Nash has built Complete Intelligence to enable revenue teams and finance teams to better manage their risk.


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