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What is Complete Intelligence?

Tony Nash, CEO and founder of Complete Intelligence, explains what the company’s platforms do. This video is produced by Real Vision. For more information, visit our website at


Complete Intelligence is an artificial intelligence platform that forecasts assets, currencies, commodities, equity indices, and also does advanced procurement and revenue for corporate clients.


What we’re doing is we’re using reinforcement learning, which is effectively a number of neural networks. We use right now about 21 different neural networks to test every single asset.


Let’s say you have a bill of material for a mobile phone and you’ve got 7,000 items in that mobile phone. We’re integrating with an ERP system to put all of that data out of the ERP system for that mobile phone and we’re telling that manufacturer exactly how much every element is going to cost them for the next year.


If you look at everything as a bill of material, a portfolio is effectively a bill of material. We do the same thing for portfolios. We do the same thing for product revenue forecast.


We look at the world as a math problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s gold, or a diode or plastic or crude oil, or Japanese yen. It’s a number that behaves a certain way.


And there are anomalies, there are inflections, there are any number of things. But we don’t have any causal conviction on any asset the way it trades. Whether that’s traded through a procurement team, or whether that’s traded through an exchange, it doesn’t really matter to us. We’re looking at the behavior of numbers.


We have billions of data items in our platform. We’re running billions of calculations within our platform, and we’re testing more than a million different potential drivers for that element.


We’re not enforcing any causality or any driver environment on anything.


The underlying hypothesis of what we’re doing is very simple. The world is a closed system. And when we say that to people, they say, “Well, of course it is.” But the way they think of the world doesn’t necessarily align with that.


From day one, the way we built our approach, the way we built our platform, all has the underlying assumption that the world is a closed system, and everything is a tradeoff.