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Behold the Power of Superforecasting

This podcast first appeared and originally published at on August 26, 2020.


In just 2 minutes, you’ll learn why superforecasting is so much better than forecasting. Hear how automated, data-intensive AI with no human bias can help make predictions and adjust strategy on the fly, and how startup Complete Intelligence is making it happen.


Is forecasting enough when you need to analyze and take action? Meet the startup that says “no.” What’s needed is superforecasting.


Hi, it’s Mike Stiles, and this is Meet the Startups for the week of August 26th, brought to you by Oracle for Startups.


How can you be happy with forecasting when there’s something out there called superforecasting?


Startup founder Tony Nash and his company, Complete Intelligence are making super forecasting possible with a highly automated, data intensive A.I. solution.


Part of what makes it so SUPER is there’s zero human bias. No spin or wishful thinking allowed.


Complete intelligence is helping organizations visualize financial data, make predictions and adjust strategy on the fly. That gets you things like smarter purchasing, better supply chain planning, smarter cost and revenue decisions.


But it’s intense.


More than 15 billion data points are run on Complete Intelligence’s platform every day.


To get where they needed to be on performance and price, the company moved from Google Cloud to Oracle Cloud. That did it. Computing is at peak performance and Complete Intelligence’s global customers are reaping the benefits. That’s super.


We asked Complete IntelligenceCEO Tony Nash what this pandemic has done to forecasting and supply chains.


We’ve seen a big shift in how managers are looking at their supply chains. As a result of Covid-19, companies are eager to understand their cost and revenue risks, things like concentration risk and the timing of their cost, that sort of thing. We’re helping our customers with timely and accurate information to make smarter cost and better revenue planning decisions.“


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Virus? What Virus? [Brexit’s impact, equities, coronavirus, etc.]

Brexit’s impact on the Sterling and tech stocks at nosebleed-highs are the subject of the day’s market discussion with Tony Nash, Founder and CEO of Complete Intelligence.


You forecasted that any loss in trade to be modest at best. Why do you say that?


“The nation tariff rate for non-EU member is something like 2.3%–2% on the price of anything is not going make a major difference. The trickier issue is the non-tariff barriers that Europe has. The UK has to navigate around those non-tariff barriers,” said Nash.


“In terms of country partners, the US is actually the largest trade partner of the UK. It’s around $67-68 billion a year. The second largest export partner in Germany at about $45 billion dollars. The EU as an aggregate partner is, of course, larger than the US. But the EU as a trade partner is stagnant. It’s not growing from the UK. It hasn’t grown noticeably since 2015/16. Meanwhile, the US is growing at a billion dollars per year.”


Where do you see the Pound this year?


“We’re seeing the Pound continuing to strengthen until about April. And once April hits, we see some of its strength tail off just a bit,” said Nash.


Listen to the Brexit’s impact podcast at BFM: The Business Station.